Benefits of Using a VPN: Part 3 – Remain Anonymous and Stop Ad Tracking on the Internet

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Stop Ad Tracking with a VPN

What’s the Problem?

Advertisers have been using clever tactics for generations (like promoting sporting goods in the Sports section of a newspaper), to get their material to be seen by the right kinds of customers. In the digital age, this usually means ad tracking – basing the advertising you receive on information gathered from tracer cookies you pick up online from the websites that you visit.

This is fine, if you like the kind of “targeted advertising” that results. But many people find this kind of promotion annoying, and a little disturbing – more so, as the cookie collection and information-gathering that goes on behind the scenes may be done without your knowledge or consent. Worse still, some or all of that information may be actively being sold to third parties who have nothing to do with advertising, at all.

How Can You Stop Ad Tracking? Just Say No!

Opting out is only a partial solution, as declining the use of tracking cookies at the start of your web visit usually only results in a display of generic or default ads, instead.

Likewise, the “Do Not Track” request included in the Settings menus of mainstream browsers like Chrome and Firefox is only as good as the number of websites and organizations which have agreed to honor it – which is a lot fewer than it should be.

Stop Ad Tracking With a VPN

Ever since the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal the principles of Net Neutrality (where internet access is treated and billed as a utility, like water or electricity), internet users far and wide have been worried. The vote means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be permitted to collect and sell information about subscribers, without their permission.

And privacy tools like Privacy Badger or Disconnect (which prevent advertisers from tracking your activity) won’t block your service provider from collecting your data.

But using a Virtual Private Network or VPN, the information you work with online can be hidden not only from advertisers but from your ISP as well.

Information which passes between your device and your VPN service is in a form that can’t be read by anyone without a lot of time, money, and computing resources on their hands – which makes it an unattractive prospect for advertising trackers or the data collecting services of your ISP.

And with your choice of servers around the world, the IP address used to connect to your VPN service also masks your real location.

How Can InvinciBull™ Help Me Stop Ad Tracking?

InvinciBull from Finjan Mobile not only operates out of servers in dozens of different countries – but it’s also the only mobile app to combine a fully-fledged VPN service with a fully-featured web browser. One of those features is a real-time privacy scanner, which identifies and gives further information about websites and online services that use ad tracking to try and collect your data.

So, with InvinciBull you have two lines of protection against advertising trackers and online snoops.

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