VitalSecurityVPN is Here!

Available for IOS, Android, Windows and Mac



  • Integrated VPN

    VitalSecurityVPN is the only mobile app to integrate a VPN with a secure, feature-rich browser

  • Complete Transparency

    We tell you if web pages you visit are safe, suspicious or dangerous as well as what sites are tracking and how they are using your data with ad partners. Block any and all trackers and advertisements.

  • Intuitive Browsing Experience

    VitalSecurityVPN brings users a great browser experience. Features include a full screen view with no address bar or menu bar, Touch ID security, private tabs, smart bookmarking and complete control of your browsing history.


Increased Protection of User Data

Intuitive Browsing Experience

The First Mobile Browser to Include an Integrated VPN

Why do I need VitalSecurityVPN?

  • Integrated VPN

    VitalSecurityVPN is the only mobile app to integrate a VPN with a secure, feature-rich browser

  • Keep your Data from Hackers

    Encrypt all internet traffic when using public Wifi in a coffee shop, hotel or airport hotspot

  • Hide Your Location

    Connect to one of dozens of country offerings to mask your location from websites and app services

Runs on All of Your Devices & Platforms

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Free and Paid Plans

  • 1 GB of Monthly Data

    Receive 1 GB of monthly data for free when you register

  • Unlimited Usage

    Paid users receive unlimited data for all of their devices – plans start for as little as $3.33/month with annual mobile subscription

Learn if there is danger lurking behind your next tap

The privacy scan panel at the bottom of the browser view quickly alerts you to scan result findings. In this case, green signifies that the site is safe.

If the scan finds that the site is dangerous, you are given a warning and can decide if you wish to proceed to the site.

Click on the scan summary panel to see a full report from over 60 leading cyber security companies.

4.5 Star Rating on Google Play

Learn who is watching & tracking you and block them for good!

The Vital Security browser brings you a complete view of every 3rd party site and service that is watching you, gathering your information and reporting on your every move. We categorize all Trackers into 4 categories: Advertising, Analytics, Content and Social. Block those annoying ads and increase webpage load time.