Selling Data – Should You Take Control and Sell Your Own Personal Information?

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Selling Data

In a digital economy, information is the strongest and most widely accepted currency – and buying and selling data are routine practices. Unfortunately for most of us, the only people who tend to profit from these practices are the tech companies, internet and telecoms service providers, developers, and marketing networks that freely trade – among themselves – in data about … Read More

How Are New EU Privacy Laws Affecting Advertisers?

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New EU Privacy Laws

Issues concerning privacy and data abuse have been hitting the news a lot in recent months, and new privacy laws enacted by the nations of the European Union (EU) have created quite a stir, with their strict provisions and potentially global reach. For advertisers and marketing professionals – whose livelihood may depend on the volume of usable information that they … Read More

Benefits of Using a VPN: Part 1 – Protect Your Privacy Online

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benefits of using a vpn - privacy

Why Worry? Government agencies, law enforcement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public search engines, and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter add to the threat of hackers, spies, and eavesdroppers in giving internet users reason to worry about their personal or corporate privacy online. Many of these agencies have a lot to gain from gathering and distributing your personal … Read More

Beware of Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Automatically

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Public Wi-Fi

Put up a sign or mention the words “Free Wi-Fi”, and you’ll likely get a stampede of laptop and mobile device users scrambling to log in. It’s a response that’s become like an automatic reflex among many of us – despite repeated warnings from security advisors and the media about how dangerous an unprotected wireless network, or public wi-fi connection, … Read More

How Does a VPN Help You Protect Your Privacy?

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VPN Privacy

Beyond the threat of hackers, spies, and eavesdroppers, there are several other institutions that should give internet users cause to worry about their personal or corporate privacy online. Among these are government agencies and law enforcement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public search engines, and the ever-popular platforms of social media. To some extent, all of these may gain access to … Read More

Privacy Protection – How Do Privacy Concerns Affect Global Business?

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Privacy Protection

After the first flushes of their initial novelty, some of the less savory implications of practices such as website tracking, geolocation, and targeted or personal advertising have raised the hackles of the buying public, creating a backlash of concerns over online commercial and institutional resources engaging in “Big Brother” style surveillance, unwelcome intrusions, and invasions of personal privacy. The gathering … Read More

How Data Retention Legislation Impacts VPN Providers for the Better

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Data Retention and VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are often recommended to users of the internet and unsecured wireless networks, as a way of safeguarding their identities and information from the combined threats of snooping, hacking, and data interception. VPN applications and subscription-based services have enjoyed moderate success, to date. But with the introduction or increased enforcement of data retention legislation in various … Read More