Fake News via Mobile Apps – Are Telecom Providers Going to Step In?

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Fake News via Mobile Apps

Amid a rash of incidents of mob violence spurred by fake news reports circulated online, telecom providers in India have been called upon by their government to investigate methods for blocking mobile apps and social media platforms. The mention of internet censorship and mobile network access restrictions has raised hackles in a number of quarters, but given the prevalence and … Read More

India’s Mobile Market and the Benefits to the Global Economy

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India's Mobile Market

For some years now, India has been playing a prominent role in the global economy, and has enjoyed a prominent position in the world’s mobile market. This position has recently been elevated. In a statement issued jointly on March 28th, 2018 by the Indian Cellular Association (ICA) and India’s Information Technology (IT) Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, it was confirmed that … Read More

How Does Dynamic App Building Affect the App Development Market of the Future?

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Dynamic App Building

The growth in popularity of mobile devices for both personal and business use has had a multiplier effect on the creation of software applications designed for mobile operating platforms. Corporate software vendors, independent developers, and individual enterprises are all actively churning out mass-market and specialist apps for mobile, in an ecosystem where there can be as much misalignment and incompatibility … Read More

Fraudulent Transactions on Mobile Apps Are a Growing Concern

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Fraudulent Transactions on Mobile Apps

In a report analyzing consumer fraud data for the first quarter of 2018, RSA Security disclosed that the number of fraudulent transactions on mobile apps has risen by over 600%, since 2015. Some 39% of all fraudulent transactions conducted during the quarter were carried out via mobile apps. Why is this happening, and what can be done to prevent it … Read More

Decoy Apps – What Are They and What Role Do They Play?

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Decoy Apps

Having your mobile device fall into the wrong hands doesn’t always equate to “It was stolen.” Or hacked, for that matter. As smartphones, tablets, and other portable storage media gain in popularity, these devices are increasingly becoming our preferred repositories for photographs, video clips, private documents, and business or personal information. Allowing these resources and data to be viewed by … Read More