Mobile Devices and Blockchain Technology

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New and evolving technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) have the potential to radically alter the speed and manner in which we interact with mobile devices, the internet, and the world at large. One emerging field that’s already having an impact in financial circles – and one with … Read More

Apps are Creating Mobile Security Vulnerabilities for IoT – How Bad is It?

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Mobile Security Vulnerabilities for IoT

In the corporate environment of today, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) may extend beyond workers using their personal tablets and smartphones, to wearable devices like FitBits or Internet of Things (IoT)-connected badges and performance monitors. On the domestic or public scene, mobile devices are increasingly being supplemented by IoT tagged or sensor-laden goods, appliances, and infrastructure components. Office managers, home … Read More