Selling Data – Should You Take Control and Sell Your Own Personal Information?

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Selling Data

In a digital economy, information is the strongest and most widely accepted currency – and buying and selling data are routine practices. Unfortunately for most of us, the only people who tend to profit from these practices are the tech companies, internet and telecoms service providers, developers, and marketing networks that freely trade – among themselves – in data about … Read More

Does Your VPN Leak? How VPN Flaws Can Create DNS Leaks That Compromise Your Privacy

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DNS Leaks

Domain Name System or DNS Leaks can betray information about your online activity and physical location, despite efforts to block this data by a Virtual Private Network or VPN. These DNS leaks may result from flaws in VPN service delivery and errors in your system configuration. In this article, we’ll consider how these errors can arise, and how you can … Read More

How User Profile Data is Being Captured And Shared Over Mobile

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user profile data

With data privacy scandals like the Cambridge Analytica affair hitting the news on an almost daily basis, people are getting used to the idea that their online user profile data is being routinely captured and shared with third parties. But as increasing numbers of users move away from desktop and laptop computers as their primary means of internet access, what … Read More

Fraudulent Transactions on Mobile Apps Are a Growing Concern

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Fraudulent Transactions on Mobile Apps

In a report analyzing consumer fraud data for the first quarter of 2018, RSA Security disclosed that the number of fraudulent transactions on mobile apps has risen by over 600%, since 2015. Some 39% of all fraudulent transactions conducted during the quarter were carried out via mobile apps. Why is this happening, and what can be done to prevent it … Read More

What Does a VPN Do? For One, It Keeps Your Data Secure

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What Does a VPN Do

What does VPN mean? What does VPN stand for? What Does a VPN Do? These are common questions. For internet users worldwide, a Virtual Private Network or VPN has become a virtual necessity – particularly in the light of recent developments such as a vote by the U.S. government’s legislative arm to suspend the principles of “Net Neutrality”, effectively giving … Read More

How Big Companies Handle Your Mobile Data

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Mobile Data

As internet-enabled smartphones and tablets gain in popularity and spread, increasing numbers of people are using these devices to transact their personal and professional business online – either in preference to more traditional desktop and laptop computer systems, or in combination with them. Mobile internet users have to face a number of issues, which can be of either benefit or … Read More

Protecting Mobile Data From AI Scraping

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AI Scraping

With personal data, spending habits, demographic, behavioral, and other information being routinely stored on mobile devices, cell phone and other mobile users are already concerned over how this potentially valuable and/or damaging material is being observed and gathered by government, law enforcement agencies, software developers, and advertising networks. What many users may not be aware of is that AI has … Read More

How to Protect Your Privacy in the Mobile Age

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mobile privacy

In an era where a chip the size of a human thumbnail may hold as much information as entire civilizations gathered in ages past, we’ve grown accustomed to having a wealth of data at our fingertips, and the world in the palms of our hands. There’s a single strand of technology that makes both these conditions possible: The smartphone, and … Read More

What is Bluesnarfing?

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Once touted as possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread, wireless Bluetooth technology has since gained a reputation as one of the gaping barriers in mobile and wireless device security – almost as bad as public WiFi. While it might be harsh to flatly dismiss the wireless technology that makes it possible for the visually or motion-impaired to enjoy the … Read More