Mobile Content Distribution – How Technology Is Quickly Changing Everything

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Mobile Content Distribution

“Nobody reads books, anymore.” “Print is dead.” “Cinema is dead.” As technologies evolve and social habits change, we’ve seen one method give way to another, in the way we consume what’s now collectively known as “content”: Text, photographs, animation, video clips, feature films, music, etc. The latest trend is for small screens and digital streaming on hand-held or portable devices … Read More

Decoy Apps – What Are They and What Role Do They Play?

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Decoy Apps

Having your mobile device fall into the wrong hands doesn’t always equate to “It was stolen.” Or hacked, for that matter. As smartphones, tablets, and other portable storage media gain in popularity, these devices are increasingly becoming our preferred repositories for photographs, video clips, private documents, and business or personal information. Allowing these resources and data to be viewed by … Read More