FinjanMobileTM is leading the Way!

Given the uptrend in mobile device usage coupled with the amount of transient corporate data, the average mobile user presents and represents higher risks of data loss through hacking. The consumer mobile device has become so convenient that we often forget about online security as download apps and blindly agree to terms of service, purchase products, pay bills, connect to free Wi-Fi, and not think twice about our personal data and photos stored on our devices. As such, in June of of 2015, Finjan returned to the research and development world with the creation of security products for mobile devices.

The goal with our first product, The FinjanMobile Secure Browser was that it be simple to access and easy to use as it protects your mobile device from malicious content from the Internet. More importantly, unlike most mobile applications, the Finjan Secure Browser is intended to bring transparency to users who search for anything on the internet with the promise of not collecting user data – your data. This return to product development is meaningful for Finjan as earlier in 2015, Finjan was bound to a non-compete and confidentiality as a result of the sell-off of our hardware business. Once this non-compete expired, we moved quickly and decisively into the development of mobile applications using our innovative patented technology.

The Gen3.7 Finjan Mobile VitalSecurity Browser is built-off Finjan patent technology and features, among other things, the ability to block trackers placing them into 4 categories: Advertising, Analytics, Content and Social. VitalSecurity also provides passcode access, menu bar, settings, browsing history and detailed virus information to educate users on potentially malicious sites. Protecting mobile devices in the workplace and securing data so it doesn’t leave the network is next on our radar.