Finjan Mobile Patent Portfolio and Covered Products

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For nearly 20 years, our parent company Finjan Holdings, Inc. developed world-class cyber technologies aimed at keeping the web, networks, and endpoints safe from malicious code and security threats. Today these foundational technologies are captured in subsidiary Finjan Inc.’s (“Finjan”) patent portfolio. Major Cybersecurity industry leaders recognize Finjan’s patented technologies, having taken licenses to those patents. Importantly, the relevance of Finjan’s patented technologies only continues to increase as attacks are more harmful and occurring at alarming rates. Now, returning to the world of research and development Finjan Mobile, Inc. was formed in June of 2015, to build its own patent portfolio of secure mobile applications and related intellectual property.

Using Finjan’s IP, Finjan Mobile is building upon the Finjan companies’ collective cybersecurity expertise and bringing our best-in-class technology to the mobile security space.

The VitalSecurity™ products, including VitalSecurityVPN™, are protected by one or more patents and pending applications for patents set forth below, in the U.S. and elsewhere. This web page is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act (AIA). The following list will be updated from time to time, as more products, patent applications, and patents become available.

United States Patents

Patent No. Title
9,554,279 Authorized Areas of Authentication
United States Patent Applications

Application No. Title
62/159,862 Secure Browser Application
62/254,229 Method and System Using Geo-Location Data and Information For Added Layer of Security
62/412,034 Advanced Malware Warning System and Method
15/069,981 Malware Warning
15/371,396 Authorized Areas of Authentication
62/480,453 Advanced Malware Warning System and Method
Pending International Applications

Application No. Title
PCT/US16/26856 Malware Warning
PCT/US16/38592 Authorized Areas of Authentication