Finjan Mobile Announces Release of VitalSecurity(TM) Gen 3.5 Secure Mobile Browser


EAST PALO ALTO, CA — (Marketwired) — 04/04/17 — Finjan Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNJN), a cybersecurity company, today announced that its subsidiary Finjan Mobile, Inc., released its VitalSecurity™ Gen 3.5 Secure Mobile Browser (“VitalSecurity 3.5”), available in the Google Play Store. VitalSecurity 3.5 includes upgraded features based on recent customer feedback. Unlimited scans on VitalSecurity 3.5 will be available for a nominal monthly fee of $0.99 or an annual subscription of $5.99. The patented VitalSecurity 3.5 also utilizes and will build upon the incorporation of its sister subsidiary, Finjan, Inc.’s, core security patented technology.

“When we re-entered the world of development through Finjan Mobile, our intention was always to build a best-in-class suite of mobile offerings that protected user data and privacy. The VitalSecurity family has proven to be a successful mobile app with over 100,000 downloads in just four months. The launch of VitalSecurity 3.5 represents a milestone for us, as we build upon our offerings and begin to generate recurring revenue for the company,” said Finjan Holding’s President and CEO, Phil Hartstein. “FinjanMobile will continue to listen to our customer’s feedback and innovate through this subsidiary.”

VitalSecurity 3.5 offers complete browser functionality and displays detailed analyses of virus and malware threats aggregated from over 60 top virus companies. Importantly, VitalSecurity offers full transparency of the browsing experience while guarding a user’s privacy without collecting any personal data. It features biometric and passcode security enabled through mobile device hardware to further protect the user’s experience. A recently added feature is a complete tracker transparency, which alerts users of all advertising, social, content, and analytic scripts that are embedded in websites they visit.

The VitalSecurity Gen 3.5 Secure Mobile Browser can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and provides the user a more private and secure experience as compared to other browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

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