What Does the VPN Privacy Policy Really Mean?

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VPN Privacy Policy

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot of good things about how using a Virtual Private Network or VPN is the best way of ensuring your security and privacy online. In a digital environment where service providers, websites, online platforms and resources of all kinds are taking increasing liberties with the privacy rights and civil liberties of the consumer, a … Read More

Android/Chrome OS VPN Integration

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Android/Chrome OS VPN Integration

In their push to establish Chromebooks and Chrome OS as a market-leading alternative to popular desktop and laptop computer systems, Google has adopted a number of measures. One of these was to develop a Chrome extension which allowed Android apps to run on any device on which Chrome was installed – but this approach ran into some problems. Google’s alternative … Read More

How Big Companies Handle Your Mobile Data

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Mobile Data

As internet-enabled smartphones and tablets gain in popularity and spread, increasing numbers of people are using these devices to transact their personal and professional business online – either in preference to more traditional desktop and laptop computer systems, or in combination with them. Mobile internet users have to face a number of issues, which can be of either benefit or … Read More

Pros and Cons of Certificate Pinning in Endpoint Security

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Certificate Pinning

With smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices assuming equal importance with connected hardware and desktop-based systems as viable ways of gaining access to corporate networks and the internet at large, security professionals are having to devote additional attention to keeping these portable “endpoints” safe – just like any other network resource. One way of doing this (which has been particularly … Read More

Bluetooth Trackers Used On Mobile Devices

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Bluetooth Trackers

These days, the definition of a “mobile device” is broad enough to encompass a diverse range of consumer goods and accessories, ranging from notebook and small laptop computers (they’re portable by hand, therefore mobile), to phones, smart cards, tags, key fobs, badges, or tokens. Most (but not necessarily all) bear some form of digital/electronic circuitry. And like other small items … Read More

Protecting Mobile Data From AI Scraping

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AI Scraping

With personal data, spending habits, demographic, behavioral, and other information being routinely stored on mobile devices, cell phone and other mobile users are already concerned over how this potentially valuable and/or damaging material is being observed and gathered by government, law enforcement agencies, software developers, and advertising networks. What many users may not be aware of is that AI has … Read More

Boosting Cell Phone Privacy

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cell phone privacy

Issues concerning digital security and cell phone privacy have been thrust into the spotlight in recent weeks, as fresh hacks are exposed, and new legislation comes into play in various corners of the globe. With avenues and points of contact with the digital realm ever on the increase, there are opportunities for personal and corporate data to become exposed to … Read More

How Anonymous Browsing Data Can Be Exposed

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anonymous browsing data

Each day, we access the internet for any number of reasons, uploading and downloading information which captured on its own or read in context with other data could be used to provide a comprehensive profile of our identities and activities to personal or business rivals, spies and investigators, or cyber-criminals of all kinds. It’s for this reason that security professionals … Read More

Mobile Content Distribution – How Technology Is Quickly Changing Everything

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Mobile Content Distribution

“Nobody reads books, anymore.” “Print is dead.” “Cinema is dead.” As technologies evolve and social habits change, we’ve seen one method give way to another, in the way we consume what’s now collectively known as “content”: Text, photographs, animation, video clips, feature films, music, etc. The latest trend is for small screens and digital streaming on hand-held or portable devices … Read More

How Data Retention Legislation Impacts VPN Providers for the Better

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Data Retention and VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are often recommended to users of the internet and unsecured wireless networks, as a way of safeguarding their identities and information from the combined threats of snooping, hacking, and data interception. VPN applications and subscription-based services have enjoyed moderate success, to date. But with the introduction or increased enforcement of data retention legislation in various … Read More