How User Profile Data is Being Captured And Shared Over Mobile

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user profile data

With data privacy scandals like the Cambridge Analytica affair hitting the news on an almost daily basis, people are getting used to the idea that their online user profile data is being routinely captured and shared with third parties. But as increasing numbers of users move away from desktop and laptop computers as their primary means of internet access, what … Read More

India’s Mobile Market and the Benefits to the Global Economy

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India's Mobile Market

For some years now, India has been playing a prominent role in the global economy, and has enjoyed a prominent position in the world’s mobile market. This position has recently been elevated. In a statement issued jointly on March 28th, 2018 by the Indian Cellular Association (ICA) and India’s Information Technology (IT) Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, it was confirmed that … Read More

How Does Dynamic App Building Affect the App Development Market of the Future?

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Dynamic App Building

The growth in popularity of mobile devices for both personal and business use has had a multiplier effect on the creation of software applications designed for mobile operating platforms. Corporate software vendors, independent developers, and individual enterprises are all actively churning out mass-market and specialist apps for mobile, in an ecosystem where there can be as much misalignment and incompatibility … Read More

Fraudulent Transactions on Mobile Apps Are a Growing Concern

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Fraudulent Transactions on Mobile Apps

In a report analyzing consumer fraud data for the first quarter of 2018, RSA Security disclosed that the number of fraudulent transactions on mobile apps has risen by over 600%, since 2015. Some 39% of all fraudulent transactions conducted during the quarter were carried out via mobile apps. Why is this happening, and what can be done to prevent it … Read More

Benefits of Using a VPN: Part 1 – Protect Your Privacy Online

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benefits of using a vpn - privacy

Why Worry? Government agencies, law enforcement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public search engines, and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter add to the threat of hackers, spies, and eavesdroppers in giving internet users reason to worry about their personal or corporate privacy online. Many of these agencies have a lot to gain from gathering and distributing your personal … Read More

Beware of Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Automatically

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Public Wi-Fi

Put up a sign or mention the words “Free Wi-Fi”, and you’ll likely get a stampede of laptop and mobile device users scrambling to log in. It’s a response that’s become like an automatic reflex among many of us – despite repeated warnings from security advisors and the media about how dangerous an unprotected wireless network, or public wi-fi connection, … Read More

How Does a VPN Help You Protect Your Privacy?

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VPN Privacy

Beyond the threat of hackers, spies, and eavesdroppers, there are several other institutions that should give internet users cause to worry about their personal or corporate privacy online. Among these are government agencies and law enforcement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public search engines, and the ever-popular platforms of social media. To some extent, all of these may gain access to … Read More

How Does a VPN Keep Your Data Secure?

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VPN Data Security

For internet users worldwide, a Virtual Private Network or VPN has become a virtual necessity – particularly in the light of recent developments such as a vote by the U.S. government’s legislative arm to suspend the principles of “Net Neutrality”, effectively giving Internet Service Providers (ISPs) the green light to trade in subscriber information with third parties. Other reasons for … Read More

The Dangers of Using Unsecured Wi-Fi

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Unsecured Wi-Fi

Mention the words “public Wi-Fi”, and one of two things will probably happen – possibly, both. One: There’ll be a mad stampede of any mobile device users in the area to log in and pig out on the toll-free internet access. And, two: There’ll be a collective groan and shaking of heads, as any security professionals in the area contemplate … Read More

Mobile Security Tips – How to Slow Down Hackers from Targeting You

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Mobile Security Tips

A 2016 report on mobile security by Intertrust estimates that the cost of mobile application hacks and data breaches will reach $1.5 billion by 2021. Despite this very real threat, only $2 million is spent annually on mobile app security, as compared to the $34 million spent each year on developing mainstream apps. We routinely spend a lot of time, … Read More